Crocs at Work

Crocs at WorkCROCS AT WORK
By Robert Heidbreider, illustrated by Rae Mate
Tradewind Books, 2015
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People want to know : “Which came first, the Crocodile paintings or the Crocodile books?” Serendipitously the art editor and co-publisher of Tradewind Books encountered some of my early paintings of crocs eating ice-cream, dancing, brushing teeth on the walls at Solly’s Bagels in Vancouver. She asked for permission to show these images to author/poet Robert Heidbreder. What a a thrill! I said YES! He was inspired to write the text for Crocodiles Say… 2005, which I then illustrated, followed by Crocodiles Play! 2008 and Crocs at Work… 2015.

Tradewind Books will be publishing a new boxed set edition of all three of the Crocodile titles, in hardcover, but scaled down size, a perfect gift for all your little Crocodiles!